William Hill Review

william hillColorado residents should consider themselves lucky that they live in one of the few states that have made sports betting legal. Of course, Colorado residents were the ones who voted to pass Proposal DD in 2019 to make sports gambling legal, so the people of the Centennial State deserve most of the credit.

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, legalized betting comes with a variety of options. William Hill is one sportsbook that Colorado sports fans and betting enthusiasts should consider when looking for a platform to start placing bets on sports.

William Hill is a British company that was founded in 1934, even though gambling was technically illegal at that time. In 2012, the company expanded operations to the U.S.

There are several physical locations where William Hill operates its sportsbooks, but online betting is also an option for people who live in states like Colorado that allow legal sports betting.

Bonus Offers for Colorado Players

Online SportsbookWilliam Hill Sportsbook CO
Free Bet Bonus$1,001
Deposit Bonus$1,001 Free Bet When You Deposit $250
Last UpdatedFebruary 2023

Compared to other sportsbooks, William Hill has somewhat modest sign-up offers for new players, largely because the company views itself as an established sportsbook. That being said, new players who open up an account with William Hill are being offered up to $500 in a free bet bonus on their first deposit.

This bonus can be accessed with the promo code LEGALRF upon signing up. A $50-$99 deposit gets a $100 free bet, a $100-$249 deposit gets a $250 free bet, and a $250+ deposit gets the $500 free bet.

Ongoing Promotions

Most of William Hill’s promotions are specific to the sports that are in season and sometimes the day of the week. For example, during college football season, they offer 10% back up to $50 if you bet a parlay of three games or more.

During college football season, if you make a moneyline bet on an underdog that has a moneyline of +300 or greater and that team loses by six points or less, William Hill will refund 100% of your wager.

For pro games, if you bet at least $25 on six different games, you’ll be eligible for a $250 bonus and $2,500 jackpot if you pick all six games correctly. William Hill is also known for its creative promotions during Thursday Night Football that tend to change from one week to the next.

The William Hill Sportsbook recently ran a promotion during the NFL Draft that gave bonuses to players who made at least three correct bets. The exact promotions at William Hill tend to change over time, but this is a sportsbook that does tend to come up with creative incentives and bonus opportunities for players.

Promo Codes

To help you keep up with the promotions and bonuses available with the William Hill Sportsbook, check out the promo code table below:

Sign-Up Instructions

Signing up for an account at William Hill is similar to other online sportsbooks. Users will have to enter several pieces of personal information, including their name, email address, birthday, address, and cell phone number.

Setting up an account also requires picking a password, choosing two security questions, and sharing the last four digits of your social security number. Of course, the site is secure, so there should be no issues with inputting personal information online.

After signing up, there are several ways to deposit money into your account. The most common methods are with a major credit card, e-check, Skrill, or a William Hill prepaid card.

It’s also possible to use cash at one of the William Hill brick-and-mortar locations. There is a $20 minimum for making deposits with William Hill.

Currently, withdrawals from the William Hill Sportsbook can be made via Skrill, a William Hill prepaid card, or e-check. Players can also cash out in-person if they’re at one of the physical William Hill locations. However, withdrawing profits from William Hill via PayPal or similar apps is not currently an option.

Upon signing up, it’s important to note that there may be different rules, regulations, and promos from one state to another. On the main William Hill page, users can access information that’s specific to their home state.

This can include brick-and-mortar locations where betting with William Hill can be done in person, as well as promos, rewards, and disclaimers that sometimes vary from one state to the next.

Sportsbook Features

As an established sportsbook, William Hill offers many forms of betting that extend beyond basic sports gambling.

Point Spread

Betting against the spread is the most common form of sports gambling. The point spread attached to every game will indicate a favorite for the game with the bettor choosing whether the favorite will win by more than that total or if the underdog will win or lose with the margin of victory less than the spread.


Another common form of betting that ignores point spreads and asks bettors to choose the winner of the game. However, the moneyline and the potential payout for each team is tied to their odds of winning, meaning payouts are smaller for heavy favorites and larger for underdogs who have a lower chance of winning.


This form of betting is also known as the over/under. It requires bettors to predict the total points scored in a game by choosing either over or under the total given.

In-Game Betting

William Hill has a separate section on its site called InPlay for in-game betting. This allows bettors to bet on games while they’re ongoing, regardless of whether or not they placed a bet on those games before they started.

Naturally, the point spread, totals, and moneyline all change during a game. Unfortunately, not all games in every sport are available for in-game betting at William Hill. Users can visit the InPlay part of the William Hill website to see what games are available for in-game betting and their betting options for each game.


William Hill offers up to 10 games in parlays, which involve connecting bets on different games so that the eventual payout increases if all bets are accurate. However, if one bet fails, the entire parlay is a loser, making it a risky type of betting that has a high reward.

When multiple sports are in season, William Hill offers parlays across different sports. For example, users can use a combination of college football and NFL games in the same parlay.

Round Robin

Round Robin betting is similar to parlays in the sense that they involve linking multiple bets together. William Hill makes it easy to figure out the potential winnings of a Round Robin before committing to the bet.


Teasers allow bettors to alter point spreads to increase their chances of winning. Of course, they also have to take lower odds and a lower payout if they win.

The more point spreads are changed by the bettor, the lower the potential payout. However, it can make winning something from a bet a little easier.


Futures betting is available almost year-round in most sports. This typically involves picking the champion of the next season.

For example, picking the next college football national champion or the next NBA champion from a long list of possibilities that all have a lucrative moneyline if the correct bet is made. However, the futures betting at William Hill outside of picking the next champion in a sport is somewhat limited, as other sportsbooks also offer futures betting on conference or division champions, as well as individual award winners.

Live Streaming

In addition to accepting bets, William Hill has streaming software that makes it easy for users to watch games after placing a bet on them. As long as a game is being televised anywhere in the world, William Hill can usually tap into the stream and make it available to users, even before they place their bet. When TV isn’t an option, William Hill can provide a radio stream.

Customer Service

William Hill doesn’t cut corners when it comes to customer service. The “Contact Us” link on the website takes users to a page that includes an email address and a phone number to call.

Phone support is currently available in six different languages. There is also a separate number to send text messages and a live chat option, which is the best way to receive assistance.

In addition to traditional customer service options, there is also a “Help/FAQ” page that covers general topics about William Hill and sports betting. At the top of the William Hill website is a “Help & Feedback” tab that makes it easy to locate the company’s contact information and live chat function.

Next to this tab is a separate tab called “Responsible Gambling,” which gives users a wealth of information about the signs of compulsive gambling and where to go for help.

Mobile App

The William Hill mobile app is easy to download onto any iOS or Android device from the company’s website. If you’ve already signed up for an account online, it should be easy to sign-in on the app and have all of your essential information transfer.

As with other sportsbook apps, tracking software is used to ensure that you’re currently in a state that offers legal sports gambling.

For the most part, the William Hill mobile app is simple to navigate and has a similar look to the online sportsbook. It’s user-friendly and easy to identify the sport you want to bet on or check out the live-betting options on the InPlay page.

With regard to making deposits and withdrawals or keeping track of bets, the mobile app is on part with the full website. Finally, much like the William Hill website, it’s easy to locate links that can provide answers to questions or the company’s contact information to get help about an issue.

Sports Markets Available

The William Hill Sportsbook offers betting on a wide range of sports, making it comparable to other sportsbooks. The options include mainstream sports like baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and hockey.

Sports like golf, tennis, auto racing, boxing and MMA are also available. William Hill also offers betting on lesser-known sports like table tennis, darts, and rugby.