DraftKings Promo Code & Sportsbook Review

draftkings websiteIn 2019, the voters of Colorado were heard loud and clear when they passed Proposal DD to legalize sports betting within the state’s borders.

The legalization of sports betting was good news for casinos, but it also opened the door for the citizens of Colorado to place bets with online sportsbooks.

In a short period of time, DraftKings will become one of the most notable online sportsbooks in Colorado as it has in other states with legal sports betting.

While most people know DraftKings as one of the top sites for playing Daily Fantasy Sports, the site has branched out and now accepts bets on a wide variety of sporting events.

DraftKings, however, won’t be the only game in town for Colorado bettors, so let’s take an in-depth look at everything it has to offer and whether it’ll be a good fit for your betting needs.

DraftKings Bonus Offers for Colorado Players

DraftKings is offering an enticing welcome package for new users.

First off, you will get a $50 free bet you can use anywhere on the site just for signing up and depositing a minimum of $5.

Then when you’re ready to make your first deposit into your account, DraftKings will add 20% of your deposit up to $1,000. That means if you start by putting $100 into your account, DraftKings will give you an extra $20, so you can get started on betting with $120 in your bankroll.

The best part is there’s no promo code necessary, just be a Colorado resident who’s signing up for the DraftKings sportsbook for the first time.

DraftKings Colorado Promo Code – February 2023

Online Sportsbook DraftKings Sportsbook CO
DraftKings CO Promo codeClick to claim promo
Free bet bonus$50 with Minimum Deposit
Deposit bonus20% up to $1,000
Last updatedFebruary 2023

DraftKings promo codes are not required to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Just sign up with our links!

Ongoing DraftKings Promotions

After signing up for DraftKings and taking advantage of their initial bonus offers, there are even more promotions bettors in Colorado can take advantage of on DraftKings once you become a regular user.

For starters, there is a loyalty program that tries to give consistent users access to new offers.

This can include free bets and boosts to help pad your bottom line when you make winning bets. DraftKings users in Colorado can go to their rewards page to locate the link that will allow them to join the loyalty program and stay up to date on the latest promos.

The DraftKings sportsbook also has a promotions link that bettors should be checking regularly for the chance to claim free bets. Regular users should keep in mind that as the sports seasons change, new promotions become available.

DraftKings also has a special odds boost that provides unique prop bets for high-profile games. If you keep an eye out for these kinds of promos, they can be a great way to make bets on big games that end up paying off.

There are also Daily Rewards available on DraftKings for users who use the site frequently. Daily Rewards are determined by someone’s Player Status tier, which is measured by the Crowns a user accumulates from playing more frequently.

In other words, the more frequently you log into DraftKings and use it, the more rewards you’ll be eligible to receive.

How to Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook in Colorado

Signing up with DraftKings is relatively easy for Colorado residents. You don’t have to be a full-time resident of the state, but you do  need to be physically in the state when playing and be at least 21 years old.

If you’re visiting friends or family who live in Colorado or are coming to the Centennial State as a tourist, you’ll be able to sign up with DraftKings and bet on sporting events for as long as you’re in Colorado.

The first step is simply visiting the DraftKings website. The site uses geo-tracking software to confirm that you are somewhere inside Colorado’s borders.

As long as that checks out, you’ll be able to open an account on DraftKings by sharing the same basic information you would when setting up an online account with any other company. Of course, since there’s money involved and profits to be gained, DraftKings will have to verify your account before you can make a deposit and start betting.

Once your account has been verified, you make the first deposit into your account via traditional bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, Play+ or via credit card, depending on the bank that issued you the card.

At that point, you can also claim any sign-up bonus and then start exploring the DraftKings sportsbook and all that it offers Colorado bettors.

Later, when you’ve started to win a few bets and earned a profit on the DraftKings sportsbook, you’ll be able to withdraw money from your account using a bank transfer, sending money straight to your PayPal account or requesting a check.

DraftKings Online Sports Betting Options

At first glance, the DraftKings sportsbook page may look a little intimidating and complicated, but that’s only because there are so many options for bettors in Colorado. Here are some of the fun and exciting betting options available on DraftKings.

Bet Slip

When you find a game and want to make a bet, all you have to do is click on the odds and a bet slip will automatically pop up. You can keep that bet slip as a single bet, or you can attach it to other bets and create a parlay that will increase your potential winnings substantially. You should, however, familiarize yourself with the bet types you intend to use before wagering.

Live and In-Game Wagering

Even if you don’t place your bet on a game before it begins, you can still place bets on DraftKings. Live betting is available on DraftKings and it’s not just limited to the eventual outcome of games. There are also prop bets, totals and various other live-betting options that DraftKings users can take on during games.

Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings first became famous because of Daily Fantasy Sports, and it remains a viable option for users in Colorado and other states. Users can create fantasy teams in a variety of sports, adding to the ways they can profit on DraftKings.

More importantly, if you already have a DFS account with DraftKings, you can link it with a DraftKings sportsbook account, so money wagered on sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports comes from the same wallet.

Moneyline Wagers

For bettors who know what they’re doing, making moneyline wagers can be a great way to profit in a short period of time. Traditionally, most betting occurs using point spreads but DraftKings allows for bettors to bet on games straight-up using moneyline wagers.


Even if your favorite sport isn’t in season, you can still go to DraftKings and place wagers. The site allows you to make bets on what team will win the next World Series or next season’s college football national championship. You can also bet on the next NBA MVP or the next Heisman Trophy winner.

You can even make an Over/Under bet on how many games every NFL team is going to win next season. With futures betting, the possibilities are endless and not necessarily restricted to the sports that are in season.

Spreads and Totals

In addition to betting on games against the spread, DraftKings allows you to bet on the total number of points that will be scored in a game, either over or under the given target. You can even break that down by halves or points scored in a quarter, among many other options that extend beyond traditional point-spread betting.


Who doesn’t love prop bets? We know that they’re popular during the Super Bowl, but DraftKings sportsbook allows users to make fun prop bets on sporting events year-round. You can bet on what team scores first in a game or even what player will score first. Prop bets tend to change based on the sport, but DraftKings makes sure there are always good prop bet options available.


If you ever get tired of making bets against the house, DraftKings offers a solution. The pools betting feature allows users to place bets against their fellow bettors. Different pools will have different entry fees and prizes available, so you can find one that fits your budget and your goals.

Cash-Out Feature

With the DraftKings cash-out feature, you don’t have to wait until a game is over to pick up your winnings. This isn’t a feature that users are likely to find on many online sportsbooks.

Obviously, your cash-out options will vary based on game action and in-play odds. Still, if your pick is currently winning, you’ll be able to ensure at least some winnings by cashing out before the game ends if you suspect the end of the game is going to go against your initial pick.

DraftKings Customer Service

DraftKings offers customer support for its sportsbook on a variety of platforms. For starters, you can send them an email at [email protected] They also have an address listed on their website for snail mail.

Users also have the option of sending a direct message by choosing one of 15 potential topics. These messages can be comments or questions that are up to 2,000 characters long.

Finally, you can open up a live chat with a DraftKings representative. This function is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for DraftKings users. However, no phone number is given for users to call DraftKings and speak to someone directly when they have an issue.

At the top of the DraftKings sportsbook page, you’ll also find a help tab. This takes you to a FAQ page with answers regarding types of bets, promotions, managing your account, gambling responsibly, the use of geolocation and how withdrawals and deposits work on the DraftKings site.

Those who are new to gambling can also click the “?” icon on the bottom of the sportsbook page. This takes users to a general betting guide that explains odds, how to place bets and a glossary of important terms, as well as information about live betting, cashing out and betting responsibly.

DraftKings Sportsbook App Review

For mobile devices, the DraftKings sportsbook app has several features to help replicate the website as much as possible. Placing bets, making deposits and taking out withdrawals are all as simple on the app as they are online.

Plus, the app is the same whether you’re using it in Colorado or any other state that has legal sports betting. The DraftKings app is also the same for both Android and iOS users.

Visually, DraftKings doesn’t have the best-looking app, but aside from a few minor issues, the functionality is high.

Unfortunately, many of the educational pages on the sportsbook app are difficult to find and navigate. If you need to access these pages, doing so online is your best option.

Some users also find that they are logged out on the app if they are on there for an extended period.

On the plus side, the DraftKings app has a Stats Hub that provides bettors with useful information on teams that can be studied before placing bets. The app also includes safe play features that will set limits on how much users can bet and how much money they can bet and offers a “cool-off” period to prevent gamblers from chasing losses.

What Sports Does DraftKings Sportsbook Have?

One area where DraftKings matches or exceeds most of its competitors is in the variety of sports markets they serve. They cater to all of the major sports, including MLB, NFL, college football, NHL, NBA and college basketball.

In soccer, DraftKings has a wide reach, covering the UEFA Champions League, the top leagues in Europe like the German Bundesliga, the top leagues in North America like Liga MX and MLS and all of the major international tournaments, including the World Cup.

When most soccer leagues were shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, DraftKings started accepting bets on smaller leagues in Belarus, Nicaragua and Chinese Taipei to continue to keep soccer available.

Among less conventional sports, the DraftKings sportsbook also takes wagers on tennis, table tennis, golf, cricket, darts, boxing, MMA, cycling and motorsports. The platform also covers Aussie Rules Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League. Last but not least, DraftKings also accepts bets on horse racing.