Android Betting Apps In Colorado

Apple’s iPhone is front and center when it comes to marketing on television, but Android is still far and away the most common kind of smartphone in use today. So naturally, as Colorado rolls out legal sports betting across the state, as well as mobile sports betting, Android phones will become the primary source for sports wagering.

But that in itself raises questions since Android’s apps come from a different source than the iPhone. And Google Play treats gambling apps differently than Apple does.

How does someone place bets using an Android phone? What are the legal requirements to do so? Can I manage my account and make deposits and withdrawals? What types of bets can I make on Android?

These are all common questions, and hopefully, by the time you reach the end of this page, you will have all the answers.

Best Colorado Android betting apps

The sports betting licensing system for Colorado is pretty straightforward. The 33 existing casinos in the state can apply for what is called a master license. Upon approval of that license, those casinos can open a retail sportsbook at their land-based location and then find a partner operator to open and run their online and mobile sportsbook.

Those partner companies then have to apply for an internet sports betting operator license. And once that license is granted, the operator can then build an app and open a mobile sportsbook. The following sports betting companies have struck up partnerships with area casinos and have had their internet and mobile licenses approved.

How to access Android betting in Colorado

If you own an Android device and regularly use apps, chances are good that you’ll be able to figure out how to start using sports betting apps on your phone. But since there are legal requirements to understand, as well as financial transactions that take place over that Android phone, it’s good to know the exact steps required to get your new account started.

1. Requirements

Since these apps are only available because of new legislation and a voter-approved proposition, it’s good to know exactly what makes them legal to use. As with all sports betting in Colorado, only people 21 years and older can place sports bets. Retail, online or mobile — the age requirement is the same.

Sports betting at a Colorado-based sportsbook is also only legal when inside the borders of Colorado. Because the laws of neighboring states differ, mobile phone users are not able to place bets when physically outside of Colorado.

Geolocation technology on your Android device will ensure that you are meeting this location requirement.

2. Download

Because Google Play doesn’t carry any gambling-related apps, finding your sportsbook for Android requires a bit more effort than for iPhone users. Do your research and select a sportsbook.

Then while using your phone, go to that sportsbook’s webpage, and you should be able to find a link to download the corresponding app. The sportsbook will either text or email you a link, or you can download directly from its website.

3. Register

It’s important to know that just because you’ve downloaded a sportsbook app, you haven’t made any commitments yet. When you first open the app, you will be prompted to register for your new account.

But most apps allow you to bypass that step so you can look around the app and take it for a little test drive first. But once you are ready to place bets and make deposits, registering your new account will be required.

Typically you’ll find the “sign up” button in the upper right corner of the main page — or some variation of sign up. Click on that, and then input the information that is requested.

This info will include your name, physical address, email address, phone number, date of birth, and the final four digits of your Social Security number. You’ll then be asked to create a username and password and answer a pair of security questions in the event you need to prove your identity or access your account without a password.

For an extra layer of security, you’ll also have the option to turn on two-factor authentication, which means the site will send a PIN to your phone each time you want to log in.

4. Bonus code

Most Colorado sportsbooks will offer you sign-up bonuses, deposit matches and risk-free bets. Always be sure to read about these offers before you register your account or make a deposit. Some of them are tied directly to your first deposit, and you’d hate to miss out on free money that you didn’t already know about.

Some of these bonuses will activate automatically. Others require you to select them from a drop-down list.

A few others might have codes attached, similar to discount codes that you might find shopping on the internet. Whatever the case, make sure you use them.

How to bet on an Android device in Colorado

Everyone carries their phone with them wherever they go these days, so using the sportsbook app on your Android device is the most convenient way to manage your sports betting account. The apps themselves are also easy and fun to use, adding to their convenience.

But if you do struggle to find your way on the app to deposits and withdrawals, the betting page or anything else the sportsbook has to offer, the app will have an FAQ section. Often there are also tutorials that you can follow to learn where all the many functions are located.

When making wagers on your Android device, always be sure to double-check your bets before confirming them. Think of the electronic betting ticket the same as you would a real betting ticket when wagering in person, and be sure it’s correct.

Once you place that bet, it can’t be undone. Also be sure to have sufficient funds in your account. There is nothing worse than trying to place a bet at the last minute but getting shut out because your account doesn’t have the money.

Deposits and withdrawal options

Making sure your account is always fully stocked by making deposits is quite easy. As is the even more important aspect of account financial transactions — cashing out your winnings. This process works on your Android device exactly as it does on the web, and with safety and security provided by encryption technology.

Depositing money

The Android app options for adding money to your sportsbook account include the following:

E-check or online bill pay: Most sportsbooks will promote the use of online bill pay or other forms of automatic transfer from your bank account. It’s easy and fast, and because there is no exchange of account or card numbers, it eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Credit and debit cards: Credit and debit cards are naturally an option and still very popular with customers. But do be sure to check with your issuing bank prior to putting your number into your account. Some cards will charge an extra fee when putting money into a gaming account or treat it like a cash advance.

E-wallets: Chances are you’ve used PayPal for certain monetary services in your life. You can use it, Neteller or Skrill to also transfer money directly into your sportsbook account.

Prepaid cards: Many casinos and sportsbooks will have their own prepaid cards that customers can purchase and then use to top up their betting accounts.

Cash: Even in our increasingly cashless society, cash can still be used to fund your sports betting account. At PayNearMe terminals, located inside Colorado 7-Elevens, customers can purchase vouchers using cash, which can then be used to add funds on your Android device.

Withdrawing cash

Colorado offers Android users access to all of the standard methods of withdrawal that they would find online. Although it is worth noting that depending on which way you deposited your money, certain withdrawal options may not be available.

Here are the options for withdrawing your winnings using your Android device:

E-check: It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s how sportsbooks prefer to send your money. The e-check is deposited directly into your bank account, and there is no security risk to you.

E-wallets: If you opted to use one of the many e-wallet services available when making your account deposit, you could request to have the withdrawal sent to the same account. This, too, is fast and simple and offers the security of an online transfer.

Check: If you didn’t make a deposit using any of the electronic means available, and instead used a check or cash, the sportsbook will send your winnings in a personal check. This option comes with the usual delays for processing.

Is betting on an Android device legal in Colorado?

Unlike what’s happening in New York right now, or what happened in Pennsylvania in 2018, there is no lag between legalized sports betting in Colorado and legalized mobile betting. When legislators wrote the Colorado bill, they included mobile betting from the very beginning, making it completely legal for you to use your Android device to place sports bets.

Another nice feature of the bill that was written for Colorado is that there are no maximum limits imposed by the government. Casino wagering in the state comes with a $100 top-end cap, but sports betting is free from such restrictions, though it is allowed for sportsbooks to impose their own rules regarding bet limits.

Bonus offers for Android bettors

If you are using your Android device to place bets with a Colorado sportsbook, all of the possible bonuses and promotions that are available online will also be available to you. Betting in person at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook might limit some of your options, but using your mobile device will not.

These possible Android bonuses include:

Deposit bonuses: Quite often, a sportsbook will lure you in with sign-up bonuses or an initial deposit match. This means the sportsbook will match your very first deposit, and sometimes that matching bonus will be as much as $500. Be sure to know what the cap is so that you can take full advantage of it.

Free bets: Another common type of bonus is a free bet bonus. It can be anywhere from $10 to $100, and what it means is that if you place a bet for the promoted amount and you lose it, that money will be credited back to your account, allowing you to bet again.

Fine print for bonus offers

There are details that you need to know about the above types of bonuses. The money is put back into your account as bonuses, and not cash, so you won’t be able to withdraw it as winnings until you meet certain requirements.

This typically includes a requirement that you wager the amount of the bonus as many as 10 times to then release it as funds. Once that happens, the money then becomes yours to use as you wish.

Also, be sure to check on the time requirements to meet the designated amount of wagers. Usually, this is around 60 days. If you fail to meet the requirement in the designated amount of time, your bonus money may be returned to the sportsbook.

Available sports bets from an Android

Another great advantage of placing your sports bets on your Android device is that you can get the full menu of available sports and bet types. If it is available in person and online, it’s also available on your Android app.

You can wager on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, motor racing, and combat sports like boxing and MMA. And some of the sportsbooks will offer up to 50 more sports from around the globe.

As for the bet types, it’s all of the usual suspects, and more:

Point spreads/lines: The most common of all bet types, this is a bet that involves two teams, and a point spread that separates the favorite from the underdog.

Betting the moneyline: A moneyline bet is a bet that is based solely on who wins or loses a contest, with odds used to separate the favorite from the underdog instead of a point spread.

Over/under: Over/under bets, also known as totals bets, are wagers on how high or low total points scored by both teams will be, as you bet either over or under the number set by the bookmaker.

Parlays: Any kind of bet can be folded into a parlay, which only has the requirement that two or more bets be combined into one large bet. For the parlay to win, all of the smaller bets must also win; otherwise you lose the entire bet.

Prop bets: Proposition bets are individual or team bets that have to do with things going on within the game that don’t have to do with the final score or who wins the game. Prop bets are especially popular on Super Bowl Sunday. According to Colorado law, prop bets placed in the state can only be wagered on professional sports.

Futures bets: These are bets on events that, as the name suggests, are somewhere in the future. The winner of next year’s Super Bowl and NCAA tournament are two examples of futures bets.

Live betting: Because of the lightning-quick response of most Android devices, live betting and Android are a perfect marriage. These are bets on events that have already begun and can be placed on point spreads that are changing, or can potentially be wagers on halftime and quarter scores, as well as cash-outs during the contest.


Can you trust a mobile Colorado sportsbook?

Yes. All of the mobile sportsbooks operating in Colorado had to apply for their license and go through a complete and strict vetting process. The state also employs integrity officers to oversee the sportsbooks and make sure they are abiding by the law and conducting fair and proper practices.

The reality is that there is simply too much money to make legally for any of these companies to engage in illegal or improper activities that might jeopardize that. It’s also important to note that all of the sportsbook operators that are moving into the Colorado market are well-known names with established reputations. There is no reason for concern when placing bets on any of these mobile apps.

Is William Hill’s betting app legal in Colorado?

Yes. All mobile sports betting is legal in the state, and William Hill is one of the sportsbook operators that has received a license to release an app in Colorado. All internet and mobile sportsbook operators are required to partner with one of the state’s existing casinos before opening mobile operations.

How old do you have to be to bet on a mobile phone?

Whether placing bets in person, online or on a mobile device, the legal age requirement is 21. The legal age to play the Colorado lottery is 18. But all sports betting, including horse race betting, requires a minimum age of 21.

Do I have to be in the state of Colorado to bet from an Android phone?

Yes. Anyone who lives in Colorado or is visiting Colorado can place sports bets while inside the state. Just be sure to have location settings enabled on your Android device so your location can be verified. Without location services, or when you are beyond the borders of Colorado, the betting features on your sportsbook app will be disabled.